Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones- an American fantasy drama television with a unique blend of drama, action,sex and war; has managed to attract record number of viewers on HBO since it has been aired on April 17,2011.

The show received multiple ciritcs and acclaims too; in particular to its concept of action, bloodshed and nude scenes. To galvanize the thoughts, let us ponder into some of the enthralling facts about this TV series which has gained vogue worldwide:

The house names have turned into major brands

Thanks to the immense fame; as a “Game of brands” has come up with the Tragaryens with their dragon-riding trend have now become an airline; the Lannisters-an investment company as they always paid their debts and the Starks- a clothing line(with their classy grayline).

Greyscale- almost a real disease

The author of the novel George RR Martin had been inspired by the disease which used to sicken people back in the Middle ages known as Leprosy- which caused painful bruises on the skin and was treated with disgust as sufferers were made to isolate from the society.

Aemon Targaryen is actually blind

Master Aemon Targaryen as played by Peter Vaughan uptil now(since the character’s death in the plot), is partially blind in real life. Now 92, the actor wishes to pursue acting for as long as he is healthy and fit to work.

The most-pirated show in the World

As per a filesharing website TorrentFreak; Game of Thrones has been downloaded by many people across the World illegally than any other show yet so far. As per the census, in 2012; one episode was downloaded illegally about 4,280,000 times.

Multiple porn stars as cast members

For particular season 4, the producers had actually casted genuine porn stars to bring in the nude feel into the scenes. The show is itself like watching a soft-porn.

Sansa Stark has adopted the “dire-wolf” in real life

The stark as played by Sophie Turner, has actually adopted the “dire wolf” named Lady that is aired on the show .

People actually naming their kids after character names

As per the Social Security Administration in 2014, “khaleesi” became one of the most popular names in the United States to be named for baby girls.


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