Some of the bizzare and crazy mysteries about the Universe we live in

Crazy mysteries about the universe

The world we live in is filled with mysteries, many of them greatly unbelievable, yet so true. These facts might seem gross,still they exist. The World when comes to know of them ponders over how is such a thing possible. Let us brief into some of the crazy, hard-to- believe facts worldwide


A human’s skin surface has billions and trillions of micro-organisms thriving on it every nano second, which is relatively more than the people living on this planet. Now don’t give


Leonardo da Vinci has been named as the World’s greatest genius. He could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. GENIUS!!


Ever wondered the amount of sand on a beach-COUNTLESS!. Well they may be; but there are more stars in the space than the number of single sand grain on the beach all around the World.


How we wish it rains money instead of water droplets! Well if you dream so, go to Jupiter and Saturn where it rains “Diamonds”-believe it or not!!


We all know the color of octups’ blood-its BLUE. But to add more to it, an Octopus has 3 hearts. And more to it, a species name “Mimic Octopus” is believed to mimic the shapes of other animals like lionfish and sea snakes.


Now after this, you might not want to have your daily dose of coffee at your office. A research has revealed that 20% of office coffee mugs contain “fecal” matter, OH MY GOD!


Trekking on Mount Everest is thrilling as well as deadly. There have been deaths which were never even recorded on files. It is believed that there are more than 200 corpses on Mt.Everest which trekkers use as a way ahead.


Have you enjoyed the chill of a snowfall? Consider yourself lucky as two-thrids of the people around the World have never seen a snowfall in their life and in future, owing to the curent rate of global warming, the future generation might never ever see.


Never ignore your sneeze out of embarrasement. For suppressing a sneeze might rupture your blood vessel in your head or neck and you might even die.


Ever felt yourself shorter at certain times. According to a research, a human being is relatively 1% shorter in evening than in the morning.




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