Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

LOVE as a word has multifold mysteries inbound in it which even the biggest philosophers and love scientists could not manage to resolve. Love is blind, love is painful; it is exciting and gross at the sametime. Pure love is over-whelming and self-nurturing. A famous quote goes on: “if you have not gone through the best and the […]

As per CSE 5-star rated appliances are actually consuming more electricity.

5 star rated appliances are actually consuming more electricity

We all get allured by how big brands of electronic applliances ensure power consumption as they rate their gadgets 5-star to differentiate it from other devices. If still people go on thinking that their “5-star gadget” is helping them save their monthly electircity charges, it is time to rethink ways to save the same from some other means. […]

How the word selfie has evolved as an eraphic change of mankind


Selfies as defined by humankind “is a self-portrait phoyograph taken with a camera”. It is such a common term nowadays with songs sung for its praise and records made for it; the World today has become “Selfonic”. The “Selfie” knows no geographical boundaries and its history dates back to times immemorial, people have always loved taking pictures of […]

Jabong got acquired by Myntra for $70 million

Jabong got acquired by Myntra

Jabong got acquired by Myntra – Acquiring big brandnames is a hot topic now, as bigger brands are buying the smaller ones to boost up their online businesses. Jabong-a mega online shopping portal of India got acquired by Myntra; which itself was racked up by Flipkart earlier. Flipkart’s CEO Binny Bansal and Executive Chariman Sachin Bansal both made […]

Yahoo was sold out today to Verizon in a deal valued at $4.8 billion

Yahoo was sold out today to Verizon in a deal valued at $4.8 billion

The first of the ever dot.com created, Yahoo was sold out today to Verizon in a deal valued at $4.8 billion. America’s telecom giant Verizon hopes to merge Yahoo with AOL(another Web portal pioneer) which Verizon had bought last year; with a motive to create a new mobile and online powerhouse. Image Source : money.cnn.com The deal finally […]

Downloaders around the world mourn the Shutdown of Kickass Torrents

Shutdown of Kickass Torrents

All one needs to know about the Kickass Torrents shutdown case: TV channels worldwide were streaming with updates from the arrest of Artem Vaulim, the founder of Kickass Torrents in Poland as the domain name of the website was seized and it was made unoperational. Kickass Torrents famosly known as KAT, is the world’s most popular and […]

Few controversies which Smriti Irani dealt with during her tenure

Smriti Irani

Amidst all the controversies created as she evolved herself from the typical Indian daugther-in- law avatar to the headstrong HRD-minister of Indian Parliament, Smriti Irani is an epitome of beauty with brains. In a major shuffle which recently occurred in the Parliament, she was shifted from HRD to textile ministry, she stands still as people go on making […]

Lionel Messi, “The Living Legend”

Lionel Messi

With Linoel Messi making news for his retirement plans, it has been a disheartening experience for some, while for others a mixed notion with their contradicting views. The Argentina captain announced his retirement from International Football, teary-eyed after his defeat in the Copa America final to Chile. With speculations going around in the World with some in […]

Some of the bizzare and crazy mysteries about the Universe we live in

Crazy mysteries about the universe

The world we live in is filled with mysteries, many of them greatly unbelievable, yet so true. These facts might seem gross,still they exist. The World when comes to know of them ponders over how is such a thing possible. Let us brief into some of the crazy, hard-to- believe facts worldwide   A human’s skin surface […]

7 of the scariest movies to never watch alone

scariest movies

HORROR has always thrilled humans. Everyone (except for a few), loves to be creeped by a horror movie that runs down their spine and keeps up the thrill throughout. We indeed might love these horror flicks, but there are a list of some of the scariest movies made in cinema history, which are recommended to not watch alone. […]

7 easy ways to socialise with others anytime,anywhere.

The current world calls for an extrovert personality. There is a high need to socialise be it the space of your work or education. Money and health seems not to pay off if one does not have a group of friends. It is vital to have social skills in order to maintain a status among the group […]

Did you know? There is a thing called “Spider Rain”

Image Source: elitedaily.com It has been an extremely rare,yet a very true experience that certain parts of the world has encountered in the past few years. At first sight it might appear to be a landscape covered in frost or light snow, but when viewed and observed carefully enough, the scenario has amazed the world as these […]