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Know About These Top Successful and Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Building and setting up a startup in today’s world is a tough task. Many people from around the World have been trying their luck at the startup culture in the past decade. They all have one common dream- to be potential billionaires out of their intuitive ideas. However, it is one daunting task to achieve […]

5 Life Hacks to Make Study a Fun Experience

Make Study a Fun Experience

Academic study is an indispensable part of a student’s life and it goes without saying that a scholar has to dedicate much of the time studying or making assignments. However, it is a common plight to observe that the students score fruitless results in spite of working dedicatedly for sleepless hours. They regard the failure […]

7 Must-have Gadgets for the Entrepreneurs Out There

7 Must have Gadgets for the Entrepreneurs

The recent era has seen the considerable rise in the startup culture. So have emerged many young entrepreneurs with a zeal to achieve their ambition and success in life. Technology is also reaching new milestones each day. The scientists across the world have come up with some of the craziest inventions to provide ease to […]

Bucket-list of Things to do in the Last Year of College

Things to do in the Last Year of College

College life is presumed to be the best times of our lives. However, as we proceed towards the end of the college, our hearts get heavier to acknowledge of the end of all the fun times and a life of freedom. Indeed, it is going to be a tough life after college. The job life […]

Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Students of the new era are leading a super busy life. With busy college schedules to late night parties; it is very strenuous for them to get sound sleep.  Lack of good sleep results in declining health and added stress levels. The whole day spends like you haven’t slept at all and restlessness and drowsiness […]

Tips to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Are you a student and aspires to become a successful entrepreneur? Well, it is good to start at the earliest. If you are in the final year of your education, you can think of investing your thought-process to As a student, to aspire to be a successful entrepreneur is one big aim to achieve! With […]

Tips for students to make most of their College breaks

useful things to do during college break

Every student looks up to the vacation time as moments of leisure and aspires to do certain unique activities over the same. Indeed, college/school breaks should be a time to invest in important and creative tasks to hone up one’s talents and skills. To ease out the thoughts on how to spend wisely these vacations, following are some […]

7 bollywood movies that are perfect to inspire the young Indian crowd

Inspiring Bollywood movies

The young Indians run behind fun and action-packed Hollywood drama when it comes to movie entertainment. However, what they don’t realise is the real worth in Indian Bollywood as well ;which indeed can catch their funny nerve and make sense at the sametime. It shall be enigmatic to rate each Indian movie as non-entertainer or baseless. There are […]

Transit Elevated Bus went for a test run in China

Transit Elevated Bus

The advancement of technology has reached another level with China’s introduction of World’s first Transit Elevated Bus(TEB) also known as the “straddling bus” which might look like some futuristic Sci-fi vehicle. The test run was conducted in Qinhuangdao in the province of Hebei on 3 rd August. The bus is 22 meter long and 7.8 meter wide […]

8 Indian Tv shows which every Indian should have on their bucket list

Indian Tv shows

The Indian youth nowadays runs behind those American sitcoms leaving out the real charm of their nativity. Indeed, typical Indian serials can be melodramatic and highly-sensitive; yet there stands out a great bunch of people who might not well jell with the American sitcoms in terms of accent and over exposure. For such Indian commoners who might not […]

Few tips to be a smart online shopper

Few tips to be a smart online shopper

Online shopping has become a trend which everyone loves to follow and flaunt proudly. People tend to shop anyhting ranging from their grocery to smallest of grooming gadget; ONLINE!! And they love to flaunt the same.Shopping is fun, yet it can be at times nerve-wrecking! There are a group of people who might not be “smart enough” for […]

Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones- an American fantasy drama television with a unique blend of drama, action,sex and war; has managed to attract record number of viewers on HBO since it has been aired on April 17,2011. The show received multiple ciritcs and acclaims too; in particular to its concept of action, bloodshed and nude scenes. To galvanize the thoughts, […]