8 Indian Tv shows which every Indian should have on their bucket list

Indian Tv shows

The Indian youth nowadays runs behind those American sitcoms leaving out the real charm of their nativity. Indeed, typical Indian serials can be melodramatic and highly-sensitive; yet there stands out a great bunch of people who might not well jell with the American sitcoms in terms of accent and over exposure.

For such Indian commoners who might not be that interested in the foreign series and are just running behind the lane with the others; here are a few list of the real “good” ones in Indian history which anyone can watch again and again to play a tickle with their funny bone:

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

IMDB – 9.3/10


Image Source : India.com

Funniest TV series ever created to bring into limelight the Indian classy ways of high-humour. A show about an upper Gujarati class family received thunderous applause both from the audience and the critics. Even if watched today; one cannot stand out the intense humour in the acts and the dialogues.


Dekh Bahi Dekh

IMDB : 8.7/10


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Another mind-blowing comeo series with a bunchful of idiotic stars and a whole “khandaan” of psychic people; it still has that prick in it to catch the laughing-nerve in one’s body.


Office Office

IMDb – 9/10


Image Source : wikihow.in

Story about life of a common man and how he struggles through the same presented in a funny platter. Aired in 2000 on SAB TV; it ironically steeps down into the flaws of our democracy.


Hum Paanch

IMDb – 8.2/10


Image Source : dailymotion

A coveted four-year span sitcom which gained huge popularity boasting of a unique story-line with female protagonists reviving each day into the viewer’s life by their crazy outlook towards life.



IMDb – 8.7/10


Image Source : Bhavinionline.com

Excellent mix of funny characters and dialogues; people had learnt them by-heart at the time it was aired. The show was a take on the joint family everyday situaltion in our country and hence, gathered mulitple attention and applause.



IMDb – 8.1/10


Image Source : citygossiper.com

Every present day young Indian can relate well to this show as the most memorable part of their childhood. The best superhero,whatsoever; with his unbelievable stunts and costume; every child at that era had managed to swirl round the way “Shaktimaan” did.


Tu Tu Main Main

IMDb – 8.4/10


Image Source : indiatimes.in

Another hilarious series about the daily “verbal” fights between a “saas and a bahu”; gained instant success as it outcasted the real bickering that exists. One can still watch the show and laugh it out to remind oneself of the good,old 90s.


Byomkesh Bakshi

IMDb – 9.2/10

hqdefault (1)

Image Source : i.ytimg.com

Every youth can well relate to the famous “Sherlock Holmes” series; but there exists this very famous of its time, the Indian version of detective special “Byomkesh Bakshi” about a Bengali detective which had gained popularity in its times.

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