Know About These Top Successful and Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs

Building and setting up a startup in today’s world is a tough task. Many people from around the World have been trying their luck at the startup culture in the past decade. They all have one common dream- to be potential billionaires out of their intuitive ideas.

However, it is one daunting task to achieve the desired success. As a founder of any startup, you just don’t have one specified job. Especially, if you are new at it; you have to be it all- an entrepreneur, the leader, the dreamer, the product developer, the marketer, the risk taker and the manager; the list goes on. You need to have the combined traits of being flexible, an excellent orator, quick learner and adaptable and much more. Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a “Young” entrepreneur HARDER!! With almost no experience, the young founders have to be ready to accept all form of imaginable challenges.

However, the young businesspersons have proved their worth in the emerging industry of startups. Some of the leading examples of the young-hearted who paved their way to success are:

1. Mark Zuckerberg (29 years old): A Harvard dropout, he is probably one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in today’s existence. He is the creator of the mega social networking site Facebook. Mark has been regarded as the father of the social technological advent with his passion and creative thinking.


2. David Karp (27 years old): The creator of Tumblr with billions of users from across the world. David is a school dropout at the age of 15 and now has an empire of over $200 million.


3. Adam D’Angelo (29 years old): The founder of Quora, a website where users can ask any query and get relevant answers to it. Adam before Quora was the Chief Technology Officer at Facebook. He is a graduate in Computer Science in the year 2006.


4. Trip Adler (29 years old): The founder of It is a social website for reading and publishing articles which has some of the top books and magazines for the book-lovers.


5. Cameron Johnson (27 years old): He began his entrepreneurial skills at the mere age of 9 years when he launched a business from his parent’s house. It was centered around making invitations for the holiday parties. Within just one year, at the age of 10, he successfully managed to create around $50,000 in revenue. Cameron made his first million at the young age of 19 years.

The presence of such young and successful entrepreneur proves that age is not a barrier to success. With pure determination and hard work, anything is possible. The young businesspersons out there, who are making their ends meet, need not be discouraged if they are not at the pinnacle of success now. They need to have patience and a power to endure whatever comes their way. And with such endurance, success is bound to be achieved.


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