7 bollywood movies that are perfect to inspire the young Indian crowd

Inspiring Bollywood movies

The young Indians run behind fun and action-packed Hollywood drama when it comes to movie entertainment. However, what they don’t realise is the real worth in Indian Bollywood as well ;which indeed can catch their funny nerve and make sense at the sametime. It shall be enigmatic to rate each Indian movie as non-entertainer or baseless. There are certain eye-openers which many of us do not know about.

Let us look around some of the ming-blogging and stomach churners in the Bollywood series to encite the young crowd of the nation:


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Storyline that winds up in friends,fun and adventure on a trip. Full on emotions and drama as well, a must watch for all the young crowd. It goes with the philosophy that there is just one life and one must live it to the fullest-a message very useful for everyone.

Rock On

Might attract certain section of hard-rock music lovers; yet implies the message to all that it is never too late to fulfill one’s dreams and ambitions. Backed by excellent music and power-packed performances; it made it a worth to all those who had watched it.

Rang De Basanti

Very inspirational and heart-touching movie; based on a very common issue India faces-corruption by the Government. It brings in the enthusiasm to change the existing system and start a revolution just like our forefathers did. It also did succeed in forming up the bloat in one’s throat.

Dil Chahta Hai

An unforgettable superhit of its time; laid with an impressive story of friendship, loyalty and love; all youth-oriented parameters which everyone has to face in one’s life. One could easily relate to the characters in the movie. A good package of excellent music and storyline with commendable acting.


Unheared by many; yet one in its cult. A teenage-life based movie which laid emphasis on youth, dreams, emotions and aspirations of a young boy and how he struggles through the hardships of his family trauma. A life-lesson- learning experience.


How one should have a certain aim in life and strive towards the same;is the main motto of the movie. Equipped with high emotions and a strong message to deliver; the movie can be a life-turning event for some.

3 Idiots

Highlights the flaws of the Indian education system and how an Indian student struggles through it to reach to the set goals of life. A fun-packed movie with hilarious one-liner; makes a great impact on student’s life.


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