Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

LOVE as a word has multifold mysteries inbound in it which even the biggest philosophers and love scientists could not manage to resolve. Love is blind, love is painful; it is exciting and gross at the sametime. Pure love is over-whelming and self-nurturing. A famous quote goes on: “if you have not gone through the best and the worst times in love; you have not loved truly enough!”

Let us present some of the interesting love facts which shall give an insight about the over-whelming power of love and its spell:



The term “love” is derived from a Sanskrit word “lubhyati” meaning “pleasant desire”.

Love at first-gaze

It is said that when two lovers gaze at each other for a period; their heart-rate synchronizes and shows rapid movement.

 Love is addictive

Falling in love is as addictive as consuming cocaine. Well, that can be indeed seen in many cases across the people around.

 Cuddling- the best painkiller

When lovers cuddle; it releases natural painkillers in the body to ease of the body.

 A picture is enough

Even a glance at the picture of a loved one can relieve nerves and bring down sufferings of the body.

Opposites attract theorem

Indeed true, even as claimed by researchers. People who are more likely similar in nature are not probable to last long.

Heartbreak- indeed a breakage

Not just a metaphor; it indeed has effects similar to something breaking and falling apart. It is not just a heartbreak, it is a soul-break.

Romanticism eventually ends

Love initiates at romantic level which ends up drying out gradually as committed love lasts till the end.

Loves entices creativity

Mere thought of love and sex is supposed to secrete creative and innovative hormones into one’s mind.

 Attractive face to attractive body

An attractive face is preferred to an attractive body for a long-term relationship.


Indeed a real feeling of butterflies fluttering in the stomach; caused by secretion of adrenaline when thought of love comes into mind.

Love before marriage

Scientists say that an average person falls at least 7 times in love before marriage.


On an average, men around the World tend to marry women who are three years younger than themselves.


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7 common relationship mistakes everyone makes

common relationship mistakes

Being in a relationship is one such heavenly dream for everyone, especially youths who longe for a partner in their lives. Some do it to spice up their lives, others to awake them out of some stagnant emotional state. Relationships are greatly priced and treasured, yet we don’t forget to commit mistakes which might get heavy on us. Mistakes are indeed a learning experience and people tend to emerge as completely new personality after the realisation phase of it. Let us ponder into some of the common mistakes young people make and challenge to face the dire consequences of it.

Commitment pressure

Comittment problems

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Enforced commitments never pays off well. Commitment comes from heart, be it emotional or physical. It has to be earned and respected and not forced upon your partner.


Expecting happiness from the other side


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Relationship is meant to be mutual and derives its meaning only when both work upon it. To expect that only your partner should do the pleasing act is a myth. Both the partners should work upon resolving problems out and laughing it away.


Extra time on social media

orrelationship problems

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Indeed being social is a great asset,but not at all times. The partners demand and expect some quality time which can only be achieved when spent together sans the vitrual friends.


Contemplating one’s appearance

Relationship-Problems 1

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Just acknowledge the fact that your partner adores you no matter what. Do not feel inferior about it anyway, if it is true it is meant to be! Just the fact that they love you from their heart and not eyes!


Trying to change your partner


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Never do it! Many believe they can change and mould the behaviour of their partner to fill someone to cater to your needs, but in that process you would loose the genuinity of the person you had loved.


Similitude to other relationships


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Now that’s a spoiler! To compare is to despair, be grateful for the love and relationship goals you have acquired in life.


Over-rush of feelings

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Do not rush into things and let things go slow. That spices up the relationship and keeps it active and happening.