Tips & Tricks to earn some extra pocket money

It is an indeed daunting experience for students to manage their expenses with their limited supply of pocket money they receive. From managing college and accomodation expenses to spending on parties and friends, on get-togethers, birthday treats, alluring partners with expensive gifts- it’s a long list of expenditures in a student’s life on availability of money. But then it is always possible to earn a few bucks with the normal regime of studies going on. Let us have a peek into some of the effective ways which would enable students to spend more lavishly and yet save some and be responsible at the same time:


Part times at call centers

** ADVANCE FOR RAJESH MAHAPATRA STORY SLUGGED: INDIA OUTSOURCING BOOM ** An employee of Convergys Corp. takes a break as others speak with clients in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007. India's top five software companies added 76,552 new jobs in the past year, riding a boom in outsourcing and fattening profits. This year, they plan to hire at least another 100,000 new employees as Western companies continue to shift work to low-cost India. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)

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Indeed a great kick off by spending a few extra hours of your day at call centers and earning a good amount at the end of the month. Though it can be quite hectic, it does pay off well when you get that extra money and you are always free-willed to leave whenever you want; there is no bondage. Big call center companies like TCS,WIPRO and Teleperformance offer aided job offers like flexible shifts and extra incentives on over-time jobs.

Freelance from home


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Freelancing is a great way to make extra money and gain experience as well. Take your time to develop what kind of freelance skill you have and look out for freelancing opportunities which might include writing,graphic designing, photography,programming,etc. At the initial stages, though the growth might be a bit slow but once you grab your hands on it, its a rapid progress and money-making process. Advertise your skills to family and friends and reach out to local businesses. One can post up their skills on famous freelancing websites like Upwork,Freelancer and Elance with bundles of projects available to suit to your needs and hope up your income.

Get yummy with a job

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The various food providing chains are a great way to shot up pocket money for students. Such services always look for young,dynamic and active candidates who are ready to work for a small pay. Gone are the days when such jobs were looked down upon. With the need for increasing pocket money, these are really cool jobs for youngsters.Mega food chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza stops; are a major employer of youth. They provide flexible environment to work in also aided by employment benefits like medical coverage, paid vacation time and restaurant discounts.

Sell out that extra stuff


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We tend to be very materialistic to our possessions and keep stock of them even when we don’t need them. Sit out one day and check out all those items which you no longer need which might be clothes,books,electronic gadgets and so more. It is an age old way to earn money with no extra effort to it. One can make use of online platforms like OLX and Quikr to sell out their products on the prices decided by you. Such platforms can help you find easily a buyer and get your money in your pocket

Teach what you know


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Tutoring is a great way to a good amount of money-the amount you want with no dependence on anyone. People are always looking for young tutors with fresh knowledge and it is a completely free-willed job. One can also teach talents like painting,music and dance. Advertise your skill through friends and family and look out for magical results.One can also tutor through paid Youtube turotrials and also through various online portals like Vedantu, MyPrivateTutor and TutorIndia where one can post up their teaching stuffs or even give demo classes through a teacher-student interface created and get good amounts paid.

Earning by learning


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Startups nowadays are looking for fresh talents and give them training at a fixed stipend. They might not even charge for it unlike big companies. One can apply at anytime of the year for such paid internships and earn a few bucks in the course of honing up their knowledge as well.

Be an entrepreneur



One can do microjobs online like writing small stuffs and creating new ideas. One can also build up a small business by starting a new low-maintenance website which can be esily managed by oneself, at the same time one can develop entrepreneurial skills. One can start by developing an idea, doing research on the market available and then pormoting it widespread to create awareness through social channels about your business.