Did you know? There is a thing called “Spider Rain”

Spider Rain

Image Source: elitedaily.com

It has been an extremely rare,yet a very true experience that certain parts of the world has encountered in the past few years. At first sight it might appear to be a landscape covered in frost or light snow, but when viewed and observed carefully enough, the scenario has amazed the world as these were massive shades of spider web covering an entire city. Famously referred to as “mass ballooning or spider rain”; web showering is the result of combined interlocking of the group arachnids-such as spiders.

Spiders have been seen to descend vertically from the skies giving it a web-shower experience. Such encounters have occurred in the past in the following places:

  •  Goulburn in New South Wales,Southern Australia
  •  Southern Brazil
  •  Northern Hemisphere-United States and Britain


Image Source : thefiscaltimes.com


Mystery: creepiest ever;millions of spiders descending down the sky and covering the landscape in moulds of slik and web. People believe involvement of para-terrestrial activities as well.

Theory: such sky-diving spiders are extremely small and light by body structure and tend to climb up very high trees and fences as their abode. Now these being so substantial, they tend to be easily carried off to distant places through strong currents. Its kind of a reverse-parachute effect where they get air-lifted from ground to the sky. Most of the spiders end up dying in the migration process, but those who live up to it, are real masters of showering upon their work of arts into the residential and agricultural field, hanging down tree branches and electrical poles. These spiders have been known to shoot web ropes onto free air to provide them support through high fences and trees. Such effects are marked to be uncommon as people go unnoticed as the incident of millions of spiders descending at a single time is quite rare. Such showers have been known to impose no threat to humans, though agricultural fields do get effected as the crops get shrouded in bundles of web which might hinder their supply of air and sunlight.


Image source: blogspot.com