Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Students of the new era are leading a super busy life. With busy college schedules to late night parties; it is very strenuous for them to get sound sleep.  Lack of good sleep results in declining health and added stress levels. The whole day spends like you haven’t slept at all and restlessness and drowsiness drools into the body and mind. As such, no productive outcome is achieved.

Hence, it is vital to get a full-night’s slumber of around 7-8 hours each day to keep afresh. Let us present the young minds with a few tips to help them get sound sleep:

  • Keep your room dark: A dark room shall bring in peace and a perfect setting to fall asleep easily. If there is some light source; our brain remains partially active and this hinders our normal sleep. Research has revealed that those who sleep in darkened rooms tend to wake up to a fresher morning.
  • Cool your room: heated up or warmer environments tend to induce less sleep and hence, it is recommended to adjust your room temperature to jell with your capacity. An ideal temperature shall induce sleep faster than expected and you shall be into your dreamland in no moments.
  • Read or listen soft music to bed: it is found that reading your favourite novel or listening to soft, soothing music shall help sleep better and faster. These are found to have relaxing effects on the mind and help it surrender to the hectic day.
  • Lavender or Eucalyptus might help: these plants with certain medicinal values have been known to induce sleep when sniffed slightly just before bed. Our brain nerves get relaxed by their fragrance and one shall have a deep, undisturbed slumber.
  • Drink something warm: heat relaxes our muscles and nerves and thus, helps to bring in better sleep once you hit the pillow. A warm milk or water might do the trick well!


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Tips to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Are you a student and aspires to become a successful entrepreneur? Well, it is good to start at the earliest. If you are in the final year of your education, you can think of investing your thought-process to As a student, to aspire to be a successful entrepreneur is one big aim to achieve! With the current trend of startups coming up; it is the young group of contenders found eligible to be upcoming affluent entrepreneurs. However, it might be a tedious task to manage studies along with such dreams of entrepreneurship. Let us present to you some easy tips to emerge out as a man/woman of class by being punctual to some simple steps:

  • Make a self-analysis: Do evaluate yourself! Make a list of your skills and knowledge and how they can be utilized well to have entrepreneurial skills. Question yourself the following:

1. What special trait do I have?

2. In what expertise do I excel in?

3. What are my add-ons?

4. What is my desired field?

5. What kind of work do I want to do?

  • Come up with a creative idea: In any startup business; the “idea” is the underlying secret to success. Make sure you have made the proper assessment of your idea and how you shall implement it. Also, cross-check that your idea is not very common to dry out soon.


  • Make a thorough research: It is vital to make a proper research before kick-starting your business. Do an analysis of the market available and what is the relevant scope for a proper functioning of your business.


  • Make sure you have the target audience: A business without the targeted audience is a vain. It is important to analyze the audience who shall benefit from your services.


  •  Research your competitors: Identify your competitors and check how they function. It is vital for the health of the business.


  • Plan your business: A successful plan shall clarify your motives and set long-term goals for your business. It is important to plan out the sources of resource-allocation to final delivery of your


  • Work under guidance: Getting advice from experienced people into the business shall ease off the pressure and you shall be left alone to start the venture.


  • Do the legal formalities well: Registering your business is a crucial task and must be accomplished with utmost care. Do hire an experienced person of law to complete the legal tasks to avoid issues in future.


If you have a dedicated motive in your mind, it becomes easy to move through the planned course of action with your dreams. All one needs is a motive and an enthusiasm for it to face the good and bad times with courage and patience.


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Transit Elevated Bus went for a test run in China

Transit Elevated Bus

The advancement of technology has reached another level with China’s introduction of World’s first Transit Elevated Bus(TEB) also known as the “straddling bus” which might look like some futuristic Sci-fi vehicle. The test run was conducted in Qinhuangdao in the province of Hebei on 3 rd August.

The bus is 22 meter long and 7.8 meter wide and has a height of 4.8 meter from the ground; can capacitate around 300 passengers. The bus was introduced with a motive to resolve the traffic issues by rising above the ground to let the vehicles pass underneath it. A special 30m-long track has been built on which the “straddling bus” shall ride. The vehicle is supposed to reach a speed of around 60km/hr. As per the experts, four TEBs can be linked together and once fully functional it can capacitate around 1200 passengers.

This new innovation caught PM Narendra Modi’s attention who shall step into the same technique to curb India’s massive traffic issues. India is one of the countries to express interest to adopt this bus service alongwith Brazil,Indonesia and France. Hope this trend comes soon into our country to help people curb the traffic menace created each day which massively hampers the livelihood.


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Few tips to be a smart online shopper

Few tips to be a smart online shopper

Online shopping has become a trend which everyone loves to follow and flaunt proudly. People tend to shop anyhting ranging from their grocery to smallest of grooming gadget; ONLINE!! And they love to flaunt the same.Shopping is fun, yet it can be at times nerve-wrecking! There are a group of people who might not be “smart enough” for this trend as they might fall prey to online scams and forgery.

Let us visualize how to be a smart online shopping freak and yet be smart in it:


Look-out for Spam Website

Many online websites exist which are not secure enough and might end up making a fool of you. Look out for websites with secure payment systems which shall be identified by a padlock logo on the checkout page while making payment through debit/credit card.

Take your time

Invest enough time on doing a research of the product you are purchasing in terms of quality and customer reviews over the same. This is important to realize whether the product is worth the money. If you are buyng something of worth, ensure you have guranteed the warranty for it.

Search for “coupon codes”

You might turn lucky enough to grab in hand various coupon and promotional codes available. Do research the same to make your online shopping a good experience.

Wait for the arrival

As important as buying the product is waiting for its arrival. Do ensure your shipment before making the purchase in cases of expensive or delicate items and also for long term investment products like home décor.

Mark your budget

Indeed many a times, we do go out of budget range we keep in mind, but it is recommended to maintain the same to help check your monetary habits. Before purchasing any item, it is important to evaluate and then, “revaluate” how much you are willing to pay for a particular product and then look for the same which meets your budget.


A great way to smart shopping: many online websites do permit it and must be utilized to make your shopping a fun-experience.

Ascenden your expenses

Do wait for hot-selling months and seasons when there is this huge and mega sales going on the spree. That is the right time to shop for those who have a limited budget, yet want to flaunt their brands.


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Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Some of the Enthralling facts about Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones- an American fantasy drama television with a unique blend of drama, action,sex and war; has managed to attract record number of viewers on HBO since it has been aired on April 17,2011.

The show received multiple ciritcs and acclaims too; in particular to its concept of action, bloodshed and nude scenes. To galvanize the thoughts, let us ponder into some of the enthralling facts about this TV series which has gained vogue worldwide:

The house names have turned into major brands

Thanks to the immense fame; as a “Game of brands” has come up with the Tragaryens with their dragon-riding trend have now become an airline; the Lannisters-an investment company as they always paid their debts and the Starks- a clothing line(with their classy grayline).

Greyscale- almost a real disease

The author of the novel George RR Martin had been inspired by the disease which used to sicken people back in the Middle ages known as Leprosy- which caused painful bruises on the skin and was treated with disgust as sufferers were made to isolate from the society.

Aemon Targaryen is actually blind

Master Aemon Targaryen as played by Peter Vaughan uptil now(since the character’s death in the plot), is partially blind in real life. Now 92, the actor wishes to pursue acting for as long as he is healthy and fit to work.

The most-pirated show in the World

As per a filesharing website TorrentFreak; Game of Thrones has been downloaded by many people across the World illegally than any other show yet so far. As per the census, in 2012; one episode was downloaded illegally about 4,280,000 times.

Multiple porn stars as cast members

For particular season 4, the producers had actually casted genuine porn stars to bring in the nude feel into the scenes. The show is itself like watching a soft-porn.

Sansa Stark has adopted the “dire-wolf” in real life

The stark as played by Sophie Turner, has actually adopted the “dire wolf” named Lady that is aired on the show .

People actually naming their kids after character names

As per the Social Security Administration in 2014, “khaleesi” became one of the most popular names in the United States to be named for baby girls.


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Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

Overwhelming power of Love and its Spell

LOVE as a word has multifold mysteries inbound in it which even the biggest philosophers and love scientists could not manage to resolve. Love is blind, love is painful; it is exciting and gross at the sametime. Pure love is over-whelming and self-nurturing. A famous quote goes on: “if you have not gone through the best and the worst times in love; you have not loved truly enough!”

Let us present some of the interesting love facts which shall give an insight about the over-whelming power of love and its spell:



The term “love” is derived from a Sanskrit word “lubhyati” meaning “pleasant desire”.

Love at first-gaze

It is said that when two lovers gaze at each other for a period; their heart-rate synchronizes and shows rapid movement.

 Love is addictive

Falling in love is as addictive as consuming cocaine. Well, that can be indeed seen in many cases across the people around.

 Cuddling- the best painkiller

When lovers cuddle; it releases natural painkillers in the body to ease of the body.

 A picture is enough

Even a glance at the picture of a loved one can relieve nerves and bring down sufferings of the body.

Opposites attract theorem

Indeed true, even as claimed by researchers. People who are more likely similar in nature are not probable to last long.

Heartbreak- indeed a breakage

Not just a metaphor; it indeed has effects similar to something breaking and falling apart. It is not just a heartbreak, it is a soul-break.

Romanticism eventually ends

Love initiates at romantic level which ends up drying out gradually as committed love lasts till the end.

Loves entices creativity

Mere thought of love and sex is supposed to secrete creative and innovative hormones into one’s mind.

 Attractive face to attractive body

An attractive face is preferred to an attractive body for a long-term relationship.


Indeed a real feeling of butterflies fluttering in the stomach; caused by secretion of adrenaline when thought of love comes into mind.

Love before marriage

Scientists say that an average person falls at least 7 times in love before marriage.


On an average, men around the World tend to marry women who are three years younger than themselves.


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As per CSE 5-star rated appliances are actually consuming more electricity.

5 star rated appliances are actually consuming more electricity

We all get allured by how big brands of electronic applliances ensure power consumption as they rate their gadgets 5-star to differentiate it from other devices. If still people go on thinking that their “5-star gadget” is helping them save their monthly electircity charges, it is time to rethink ways to save the same from some other means.

According to a recent study conducted by CSE(Centre for Science and Environmment); the so-called 5- star rated Acs are far worse than the 1 or 2-rated applliances. As per BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency); a 5-rated AC can save upto 20-22 percent of energy consumed as compared to a 1-star AC. But as per the CSE reports, when the summers reach its peak at around 40-50 degree range, a 5-star AC can consume 10-28 percent more power than its declared capacity.

As per CSE latest study on air conditioners, Anumita RoyChowdhury, executive director-research and advocacy(CSE) says that as per their research they wanted to find out how AC units perform under different temperatures and affects the energy savings as per the star labelling programme of BEE. CSE released its lab tests of energy performance of the popular 5-star RACs(rated split room air conditioners) under different temperature conditions. These tests had been carried out in a National

Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory(NABL) based in Delhi. As per the deductions of the report; BEE should make it mandatory for applliance manufacturers to declare the test results to be carried out on higher temperature range and declare results accordingly.


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How the word selfie has evolved as an eraphic change of mankind


Selfies as defined by humankind “is a self-portrait phoyograph taken with a camera”. It is such a common term nowadays with songs sung for its praise and records made for it; the World today has become “Selfonic”. The “Selfie” knows no geographical boundaries and its history dates back to times immemorial, people have always loved taking pictures of themselves. Let us ponder into some interesting, mind blowing certitudes about the selfie culture that has evolved as an eraphic change of mankind:

An American innovator into the field of photography, emitted a daguerreotype(a photograph taken by early processes invovling iodinization) of himself back in 1839 from one of the first-ever camera.


Another epic selfie dates back to 1920 onto the New York rooftop.


In 1966, Buzz Aldrin took the first-ever self-portrait of himself with Earth at background- a selfie in space, considered to be the best selfie ever.


Merriam-Webster(an urban dictionary) added the term “selfie” in 2014, as it also became the Oxford Dictionary word of the year in 2013.


Selfie’s early origins lie in the social media and photosharing platforms like Flickr and Instagram.


According to Oxford’s records, the use of the “selfie” word has gone up to a bewildering 17,000% in the past years.


With the advent of smartphones in around 2014, the “Selfie culture” has evolved to another level with an estimate of over 1million selfies taken per day!


It became a trend in the early 2010 to post intentionally unattractive selfies to promote humour sense into the social platform.


According to an estimate, 47% people think that it is fine to take a selfie during childbirth, 30% during sex, and 20% during a funeral.


In 2014, the mobile company Huawei trademarked the term “Groupie” to refer to panoramic group-selfies.


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Did you know? There is a thing called “Spider Rain”

Spider Rain

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It has been an extremely rare,yet a very true experience that certain parts of the world has encountered in the past few years. At first sight it might appear to be a landscape covered in frost or light snow, but when viewed and observed carefully enough, the scenario has amazed the world as these were massive shades of spider web covering an entire city. Famously referred to as “mass ballooning or spider rain”; web showering is the result of combined interlocking of the group arachnids-such as spiders.

Spiders have been seen to descend vertically from the skies giving it a web-shower experience. Such encounters have occurred in the past in the following places:

  •  Goulburn in New South Wales,Southern Australia
  •  Southern Brazil
  •  Northern Hemisphere-United States and Britain


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Mystery: creepiest ever;millions of spiders descending down the sky and covering the landscape in moulds of slik and web. People believe involvement of para-terrestrial activities as well.

Theory: such sky-diving spiders are extremely small and light by body structure and tend to climb up very high trees and fences as their abode. Now these being so substantial, they tend to be easily carried off to distant places through strong currents. Its kind of a reverse-parachute effect where they get air-lifted from ground to the sky. Most of the spiders end up dying in the migration process, but those who live up to it, are real masters of showering upon their work of arts into the residential and agricultural field, hanging down tree branches and electrical poles. These spiders have been known to shoot web ropes onto free air to provide them support through high fences and trees. Such effects are marked to be uncommon as people go unnoticed as the incident of millions of spiders descending at a single time is quite rare. Such showers have been known to impose no threat to humans, though agricultural fields do get effected as the crops get shrouded in bundles of web which might hinder their supply of air and sunlight.


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