Ever thought, Why your superhero is the best?

why your superhero is the best

We bet you have the “best” superhero for you and you blindly worship his/her image. Ever considered why your superhero is the best? Let us now zeal into the heroic world to quest out the reasons why these animated creatures are so much in name and fame!!

Captain America



An epitome of the superhero league, representing liberty, freedom and justice which every America’s common man adheres to. The best in the Avengers era,played by a complete hunk “Chris Evans” with master strategies and an awsome shield to cast off his bravery- a complete package in one.







Tony Stark quite a stunner has it all from the riches to supernatural powers; he is a complete charmer. With that classy look on, he can fly,glide,act supremely and is hilarious!!








An alien who came in to the world to rescue it. Extremely famous for his classic world-renowned costume, Superman is known by names like “the Man of Steel” and “the Last son of krypton”. A die-heart romantic by disposition, girls go mad for him.






ws_Batman_Arkham_Origins_1280x960 (1)


A character so embedded into the minds of comic readers, his mind is the supreme power with a deadly combination of unparalleled genius and heroic deeds. His greatest asset is the black stealth uniform known as the “batsuit” with the chest stylishly embolished with a black bat work of art.







Objectively the most sold-out comic series in the era; he is a transformed figure to deliver the world his piece of action and bravery. Very effeciently equipped with web-shooting powers, Spiderman plays the dual role of a superhero cum a normal human as well.







The best in the company of superpowers with bundles of regenerative stunts and an indeed “Hulked-up” body to ensemble the superhero look. With no costume papparazi, a true hero and probably the strongest too.







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