5 Life Hacks to Make Study a Fun Experience

Make Study a Fun Experience

Academic study is an indispensable part of a student’s life and it goes without saying that a scholar has to dedicate much of the time studying or making assignments. However, it is a common plight to observe that the students score fruitless results in spite of working dedicatedly for sleepless hours. They regard the failure as their fault that they should dedicate more time to study. However, it is not so.

It might be their study pattern which might be at the stake. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The students can make use of simple life hacks to improve their grades in no time:

  • Change your time of the study: It could be possible that you might be investing a lot of time and energy to the academic work ; still, you are not able to procure the desired results. For some, they burn their night oil; while others try to be the early birds. One can try changing their time schedule of studying for say, for one month and then, observe the changes.


  • Change your location: Well, it might too be a determining factor to your attainment of grades. Try innovation by shifting to a new, unconventional place. You can try shifting from your boring table to your window-side. Also, being close to nature stimulates mental health as well.


  • Do creative study: Come out from the shell of reading thick, boring textbooks to creative methods like taking an online help from various websites which have much information in a creative manner. One can make use of presentations, videos and audios to enhance their quality of study; yet in a fun way.


  • Take useful breaks: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” goes well with this scenario as prolonged hours of study and no leisure would degrade the concentration graph. Hence, it is vital to take some form of breaks which could be snack time or listening to some music; to lighten you up and re-energize you to perform better the next time.


  • Play with your pet: Your pet could be your best mood-booster. A fun time with your pet could release all your tensions and help you concentrate in a better way.


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Bucket-list of Things to do in the Last Year of College

Things to do in the Last Year of College

College life is presumed to be the best times of our lives. However, as we proceed towards the end of the college, our hearts get heavier to acknowledge of the end of all the fun times and a life of freedom. Indeed, it is going to be a tough life after college. The job life tends to be much more hectic and fun-deprived and at one point, everyone misses their college group.

So, if you are lucky enough to be in the final year of your college, you have plenty of time to live your life the fullest.  If you have any missing plans or you wish to do something out of the blue; now is the best time to do it. We have come up with a few bucket-list of activities for you to do when you are in the final year of your college:

  • Travel as much as you can: If you yet did not have the pleasure to travel around, make it a point to explore as many places as you can during your college days. These are the golden moments of your life and you shall never get the same opportunity again to live your freely, so make the most of it.


  • Capture the precious moments: Create as many precious memories as you can with your loved ones. Capture them in photographs or videos so that once you move ahead in life, you have reason to look back and smile.


  • Spend quality time with your closed one: You must have a small group of friends without whom you cannot imagine your life. So do spend your quality time with them to create memories to last a lifetime.


  • Try something new: Make a list of those dreary, yet fun activities which you might have wanted to try out. Go for it, be it an adventure sport or eating something bizarre.


  • Make a new hobby: You can even learn a new hobby which could be anything from music to literature. It must be exciting enough to keep you involved for the rest of your life.


  • Participate in any extra-curricular activity: If you have not ever participated in your college events, do give it one last chance. It will make a lifetime memory to cherish over.

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Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Tips for students to get a sound sleep

Students of the new era are leading a super busy life. With busy college schedules to late night parties; it is very strenuous for them to get sound sleep.  Lack of good sleep results in declining health and added stress levels. The whole day spends like you haven’t slept at all and restlessness and drowsiness drools into the body and mind. As such, no productive outcome is achieved.

Hence, it is vital to get a full-night’s slumber of around 7-8 hours each day to keep afresh. Let us present the young minds with a few tips to help them get sound sleep:

  • Keep your room dark: A dark room shall bring in peace and a perfect setting to fall asleep easily. If there is some light source; our brain remains partially active and this hinders our normal sleep. Research has revealed that those who sleep in darkened rooms tend to wake up to a fresher morning.
  • Cool your room: heated up or warmer environments tend to induce less sleep and hence, it is recommended to adjust your room temperature to jell with your capacity. An ideal temperature shall induce sleep faster than expected and you shall be into your dreamland in no moments.
  • Read or listen soft music to bed: it is found that reading your favourite novel or listening to soft, soothing music shall help sleep better and faster. These are found to have relaxing effects on the mind and help it surrender to the hectic day.
  • Lavender or Eucalyptus might help: these plants with certain medicinal values have been known to induce sleep when sniffed slightly just before bed. Our brain nerves get relaxed by their fragrance and one shall have a deep, undisturbed slumber.
  • Drink something warm: heat relaxes our muscles and nerves and thus, helps to bring in better sleep once you hit the pillow. A warm milk or water might do the trick well!


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Tips to Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Are you a student and aspires to become a successful entrepreneur? Well, it is good to start at the earliest. If you are in the final year of your education, you can think of investing your thought-process to As a student, to aspire to be a successful entrepreneur is one big aim to achieve! With the current trend of startups coming up; it is the young group of contenders found eligible to be upcoming affluent entrepreneurs. However, it might be a tedious task to manage studies along with such dreams of entrepreneurship. Let us present to you some easy tips to emerge out as a man/woman of class by being punctual to some simple steps:

  • Make a self-analysis: Do evaluate yourself! Make a list of your skills and knowledge and how they can be utilized well to have entrepreneurial skills. Question yourself the following:

1. What special trait do I have?

2. In what expertise do I excel in?

3. What are my add-ons?

4. What is my desired field?

5. What kind of work do I want to do?

  • Come up with a creative idea: In any startup business; the “idea” is the underlying secret to success. Make sure you have made the proper assessment of your idea and how you shall implement it. Also, cross-check that your idea is not very common to dry out soon.


  • Make a thorough research: It is vital to make a proper research before kick-starting your business. Do an analysis of the market available and what is the relevant scope for a proper functioning of your business.


  • Make sure you have the target audience: A business without the targeted audience is a vain. It is important to analyze the audience who shall benefit from your services.


  •  Research your competitors: Identify your competitors and check how they function. It is vital for the health of the business.


  • Plan your business: A successful plan shall clarify your motives and set long-term goals for your business. It is important to plan out the sources of resource-allocation to final delivery of your


  • Work under guidance: Getting advice from experienced people into the business shall ease off the pressure and you shall be left alone to start the venture.


  • Do the legal formalities well: Registering your business is a crucial task and must be accomplished with utmost care. Do hire an experienced person of law to complete the legal tasks to avoid issues in future.


If you have a dedicated motive in your mind, it becomes easy to move through the planned course of action with your dreams. All one needs is a motive and an enthusiasm for it to face the good and bad times with courage and patience.


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Tips for students to make most of their College breaks

useful things to do during college break

Every student looks up to the vacation time as moments of leisure and aspires to do certain unique activities over the same. Indeed, college/school breaks should be a time to invest in important and creative tasks to hone up one’s talents and skills. To ease out the thoughts on how to spend wisely these vacations, following are some helpful tips for the same:

Apply for internships

Be it summer/winter break; one should indulge in internships or training activities. Many institutes offer various exciting programme for students to inculcate thoughtful learning and develop some extra knowledge into a particular subject.

Join campaigns

There are many educational and recreational centre who launch specialized courses to hone up one’s skills and talents. These can be specifically utilized to learn something new and innovative which can add to one’s list of extra talents. These might include engaging in activities like swimming, baking,quilling and some sport-learning class.


One can meet up old friends and catch up with them to reminisce their good,old days. One can also look up for online media for socializing with their long-distance friends.

Work towards fitness

The daily, hectic routine makes it difficult to do proper exercises.Vacation time is the best to emphasize on fitness goals and achieve them by doing regular exercises and a healthy regime.

Plan out your next semester/course

Vacations allow enough time to plan out the next semester or course of study so that one can cope up with the declining grades.

Part-time job

If you are getting short of the available pocket-money and want to earn some extra bucks; you can utilize the time to hunt for part-time job and gain experience at the same time.


Vacation time is a great time to make well use of one’s leisure time and learn something new and informative at the same time. These opportunities if utilized properly can hone up one’s skills which can prove useful even in later life.


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