Transit Elevated Bus went for a test run in China

Transit Elevated Bus

The advancement of technology has reached another level with China’s introduction of World’s first Transit Elevated Bus(TEB) also known as the “straddling bus” which might look like some futuristic Sci-fi vehicle. The test run was conducted in Qinhuangdao in the province of Hebei on 3 rd August.

The bus is 22 meter long and 7.8 meter wide and has a height of 4.8 meter from the ground; can capacitate around 300 passengers. The bus was introduced with a motive to resolve the traffic issues by rising above the ground to let the vehicles pass underneath it. A special 30m-long track has been built on which the “straddling bus” shall ride. The vehicle is supposed to reach a speed of around 60km/hr. As per the experts, four TEBs can be linked together and once fully functional it can capacitate around 1200 passengers.

This new innovation caught PM Narendra Modi’s attention who shall step into the same technique to curb India’s massive traffic issues. India is one of the countries to express interest to adopt this bus service alongwith Brazil,Indonesia and France. Hope this trend comes soon into our country to help people curb the traffic menace created each day which massively hampers the livelihood.


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